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Wales continues to be the place becoming a UK lottery winner.

A syndicate based in Neath won ?136,672 by matching five numbers and the bonus ball inside the draw of Sat 29 July. Over ?100,000 is a superb win, for anyone, but also for this syndicate it's very handy cash because the syndicate consist of 60 retired Police officers.

It falls to syndicate leader Aneurin Bealing to purchase and check the ticket weekly, but when he ticked off five numbers and also the bonus number he to keep checking and rechecking before he was sure enough to get hold of the others.

The syndicate continues to be playing for a decade and this is their first big win worth sharing, previous smaller wins are just put back into the kitty.

Aneurin plans a super holiday to Australia regarding his wife, to go to their daughter, and he's certain that many of the other syndicate members are planning some well-earned treats for their own reasons. The winning ticket was bought at Tesco in Port Talbot.

And then just one week later it's another big win in Wales, this time around a ?250,000 Thunderball prize won in Aberdare by way of a family of Cardiff City fans.

Danusia Phillips who may have her own driving instructor was looking through paperwork in front of the TV on Saturday 5 August when she heard her numbers being read out for that Thunderball draw.

She just stared on the screen as everyone of her numbers came up and then she ran downstairs with tears in their eyes to see her partner, Terry, along with the three children. Everyone checked the numbers before daring to trust it was true and after this the first plan is children holiday, their first since 1998.

Then they're going to probably get a caravan in Tenby so family have somewhere to be and visit, where you can big party for family and friends.

The couple are also looking forward to reducing their more info working hours so they can spend more time with their family.

Danusia knew her numbers 3,4,7,11,19 and 3 as she plays them regularly, but this winning ticket was bought at Woolworth's on Commercial St, Aberdare.

When Pat and John Davies decided to use the ages of their daughters and granddaughters to pick out their lottery numbers, that they had no idea how lucky that decision could be.

Not only did they get four numbers correct on one line, they got all six along with the jackpot making use of their second line. The ticket, bought at Tesco the place where a daughter and granddaughter work, won ?2,254,572 on 5 August 2006.

Both John and Pat are retired but chose to check their lottery ticket against the results posted about the Internet around the Saturday night, instead of waiting for Sunday's paper.

Realising we were holding winners, they might not believe it. So they checked, checked again, called their daughters then had a sleepless night. Like many winners their first dilemma was where to help keep the ticket safe. Should it be within the mattress, around the mantelpiece? Pat decided that her purse was the top bet, as no less than there she'd not forget where she's input it!

The first purchase the couple want to make is often a laptop computer, after which they are off on vacation. Once back there will be no shortage of men and women to spend the money on while they have a large family including five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The couple's winning numbers were 3,11,13,18,26,31 (bonus ball 35), along with the ticket was bought at Tesco in Cosham High Street, Portsmouth.

Many individuals have found that joining an internet syndicate such as e-lottery increases their likelihood of winning. With a pool of 49 players in each syndicate the group is usually guaranteed to contain the 'bonus ball' number in each and every draw.Article Source: Elliott can be a UK based Internet marketer and

e-lottery syndicate member.


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